Ancient Civilizations : Did they solely belong to homo sapiens?

Whenever our scientists get any evidence of ancient civilization, they generally assume it without almost any hesitation that the discovered civilization must have been developed by our own species (homo sapiens) and not by any other possible species . The assumption based on the fact that till now we have seen only human civilization may be true to an extent , but should not ignore the slightest possibility of civilization being developed by any other species.

One may argue that in all ancient civilizations, we have till now discovered, we get a large number of human bones , in response to that argument i will say that this may be due to war between humans and other species or in extreme case may be in those days man were just a roaming species like modern day dogs .It may be well  possible that few other species (may or may not be close relative to homo sapiens) had also developed their full grown civilization in some or all parts of the world , but due to certain factors out of their control they got extinct or may be gone back to jungles due to pressure from variety of factors like weather conditions , human domination etc and with time lost(forgotten) their skills .

Recent studies have shown that monkeys , chimps , gorrilas and other animals like dolphins, elephants,dogs etc do have analytical skills and in some field they have better skills compares to our species.There are few evidences which force us to think on this . Just for example take the case of drainage system of harappan civilization or for that matter the hot bath of Hyderabad . They were so advanced that even with modern technologies we are not able to replicate it . This suggest that they had different bent of mind .

One other possibility is that in ancient times a mixture of species were living together having their own different civilizations , culture and technologies . They must have different type of skills and they may not be understanding each other's language initially but with time they would have developed the method of communication and were living peacefully .With passing time the men's greed to acquire more than needed would have took over their conscience resulted in rivalry with different species . And a huge war would have taken in which ultimately homo sapiens won cruelly destroying all other culture .

To study this and many more possibilities we must leave a fertile and prosperous part of a big enough land left alone for animals only with no interference from humans . It may take tens of thousand of years , but if at all any other animal's civilization came up in future , it would be a wonderful experience . For that with consent of all countries , we may isolate a inhabited part of South America or Africa and wait for some amazing outcome .

May be , We get to see the whole process of evolution of civilization.............