A Love story which never started and will never finish - Part 2

After freshers party ragging was formally ended for us and now we were free to participate in various activities . Being a keen sports lover i got involved in various indoor and outdoor games such as cricket , badminton volleyball , chess etc .Since i was not able to play any kind of sports during my preparation time , i was very hungry for sports . And due to this reason the feelings towards the girl took backseat and love towards sports was driving me .

But still it comes out every now and then , particularly when she comes in front of me and even more when i get chance to talk to her. It was my good luck that we were in same batch of our class , batch1 , which means that our practicle classes would be held together . On the top of it her labby was very close friend of mine . So whenever i get chance i use to visit my friend and try to strike a conversation with the girl . But the problem with me was very bad at art of "continuous conversation" and my topics use to finish within short span of time .

Everyday after coming back from college i use to think about our conversation and start planning how to talk next day . Then as soon as i get call from friends for any sports , i simply forget everything and the plan to "make plan " never actually succeeded . The story was similar for rest of my first year. The feeling was there but it was not intense enough to drive me crazy .

There comes year break and i came back to my home and after being away from the girl, i realized that i was actually missing her . I thought that next year  i will certainly do something more .

To be continue.......

Disclaimer : The story is based solely on imagination and any similarity with real life should be considered merely as coincidence

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