Commission for Scientific and Technical Terminology

Commission for Scientific and Technical Terminology was set up on 1st October, 1961 by a resolution of Government of India, Ministry of Education.The resolution of the Government was as per the recommendations of a Committee constituted under the provisions of clause (4) of Article 344 of the Constitution.The duties and functions of the Commission are as follows
  • To evolve and define scientific and technical terms in Hindi and all Indian languages and publish glossaries, definitional dictionaries, encyclopaedia. 
  • To see that the evolved terms and their definitions reach the students, teachers, scholars, scientists, officers etc. 
  • To ensure proper usage/ necessary updation/ correction/ improvement on the work done (through workshops/ seminars/ orientation programmes) by obtaining useful feedback. 
  • To coordinate with all states to ensure uniformity of terminology in Hindi and other Indian languages. (Through State Governments/ Granth Academies/ University Cells/ Glossary Clubs or other agencies). 
  • To publish/encourage publication of books in Hindi and Indian languages for popularization and usage of standard terminology.

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