Sindhu Sadhana

Sindhu Sadhna is the first ever indigenously built Research Vessel (Ship) acquired recently by the CSIR-National Institute of Oceanography.R V Sindhu Sadhana is a multi-disciplinary research vessel equipped with a number of laboratories for data collection, echo sounders, acoustic doppler, profiler, autonomous weather station, air quality monitors and a host of other world-class latest equipments in the field of ocean technology and ocean research.

The new multi-disciplinary oceanographic research vessel will have capabilities to undertake basin scale observations and will enable Indian oceanographers to take up studies not only in the seas around India, but also in any part of the Indian Ocean. It is aimed to serve as a stable platform allowing operation of sensible equipment and underway data acquisition.

This ship will greatly enhance the capabilities of Indian oceanographers to make multi-disciplinary observations with a capability to predict the future changes in oceanographic processes, thus generating enormous inputs, which will benefit not only India but also the number of other nations and seas around India.

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