India Ratifies IAEA Additional Protocol

India on 14th June, 2014 ratified additional protocol with IAEA which is supposed to enhance transparency of Indian nuclear infrastructure.

The additional protocol will cover only those facilities which are already monitored by IAEA, and will not cover the non-safeguarded facilities which are used for building weapons. This protocol is meant to ensure that India's civil nuclear facility is not being misused for diverting materials to make weapons.

It will fecilitate easier inspections by the global nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency or IAEA.

India will now also inform the watchdog about its nuclear exports.
The new arrangement would facilitate regular entry and exit of the IAEA personnel by providing them with multi-entry visas apart from guaranteeing "free communication" generated by the surveillance or measurement devices of the IAEA that are already in place in in facilities that are under international safeguards .

Due to this enhanced transparency it will be easier for India to import nuclear power equipment from diverse sources

It is also supposed to boost India's chances of becoming member of NSG.

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