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A Typical hostel day during Exams

Its 1:00 PM and we all are back to the hostel after giving a paper and following day have to give another paper . So all in all we have less than 24 hours to prepare.  But since I have just now given one exam so while having my lunch am in relaxing mode. Suddenly heard voice of one friend named Shashi says Fakka Pakka , Fakka Pakka (I will fail , i will fail ) . Other friends Parimal etc also joins in .... yes yes fakka pakka (i will also fail) followed by many others including me. Any outsider who will see the scene will feel that all these people will fail this exam . But as you know reality is quite opposite ;).

Since I have not slept last night due to today's paper, i am planning to sleep for an hour or so after lunch. While going back to my room i stepped in to one of my friend Mansingh(Nitin Agarwal)and there i saw a horrible seen where by Mansingh and one other friend Jallad(Amit Kumar) are discussing that they have already got a book issued from library for tomorrow's paper. They told me tomorrow's paper is really very tough and we need to start studying right now. I said , ok ok first get the syllabus of exam , i will start studying after some time.

And since i don't want to take any study related tension i moved on from that room from there i went to Kanhaiya's room where many people are sitting and discussing paper and various other things. While mostly people are in relaxing and fun mood. Kanhaiya to whom the room belong is very tense and wants everyone to go out and start studying. But he dare not to say that to a bunch of his hostel friend due to reasons well known to all hostelers.

All other rooms are mostly closed , after spending some time in kanhaiya's room i came back to my room and thinking to sleep for an hour or so. As soon as i entered my room i saw my computer which always remain on 24*7 round the year.And i thought that i will sleep just after one game ,with this thought in my mind i started playing AOE. While i was in midst of the game , BANG! on my door , Bhati was on door and his reaction "%$$@#@$ mujhe bataye bagair kaise khelna start kar diya( how dare u started playing AOE without informing me) . Here let me tell you that bhati enjoy watching my game and it is my duty to inform him before starting any AOE game.

With bhati in my room along with few others as spectators, i kept on playing , one game , tow game , three game etc.And before i realize it's already evening time. Little tense about exam next day , i went to the kholu of our branch , Mr. Ramniwas Kushwaha , to know about syllabus. After getting guru gyaan from kholu while coming back from his room i saw two most famous rivals friendly rivals with each other , Jakie chan(Shikhar Awasthi) and Arvind Jetwal(I still don't dare to in fact no one dare to take nick name of Jetwal.....i.e. Sannata ;) ). I also chipped in and started having fun by instigating both of them .

At that moment i got attracted towards volleyball ground where i felt as if volleyball net is inviting me to play.I heard it's call as a kind hearted person and started calling people to play volleyball . As if everyone was just waiting for this call , within no time Akash, Shekhar the topper, Vishi the devsaab , Shukla , Vikas the sultu ,mansing , parimal , shashi , Ravindra the LD, kholu , jallad , Manish the muno,jetwal etc gathered in the ground and we all started playing forgetting about the exam . Soon after one or two game scholars like kholu , shekhar ,devsaab etc left to study . And lower life's like me kept on playing till we get tired.

Now it's 8PM , and now it's high time to get notes to study as after 10PM all photo copy shops will close and if not acted now i will be left without any notes for tomorrow. At that moment Pondi(Gaurav Narula) came to rescue to us all , he is asking everyone about who all wants to get notes photocopied. Within moments he got task on about 30 copies of notes of our topper.

Now we all are happy that soon we will have notes for tomorrow's exams. We all are now having our dinner in mess , here bangaroo(Mohanish) is laughing on everyone by making fun of them along with background effect created by laughter of mansingh.(Mansingh and Bangaroo used to make of everyone and start laughing without giving the other person any chance of responding, thereby frustrating the person :P ). Parimal is fighting with LD for sweets. Kanhaiya is in tension. Shekhar looks confident . Kholu Happy. Mansingh and Jallad discussing some topic.

Dinner finished and now we all are searching Pondi for notes cause now its high time to start studying . The news came that photocopy will come only by 10 pm. So we all got excuse to not to study till atleast 10 PM. Everyone happy cause barring few no one else is studying .

Finally Pondi arrives on his scooter and we all are got notes . But the problem now is that many people forgot to ask pondi to xerox notes for them only. So the one set of notes got divided into many sets and it's decided that we will study turn by turn. I am back in my room with one part of notes and started studying. Seeing the notes it is almost clear that i will not be able to complete my syllabus

Now it's 11PM and everyone is running in corridor for the cup of tea that is being supplied by our mess. I just ignored it and continued studying . Now it's around 3AM and am feeling very sleepy cause i did not slept last night . So just to stay awake i started taking round in the lobby. Many people are studying alone while many people doing group study , with full concentration . I joined one of such group and started listening to what they are discussing among themselves. We call it Passive Learning.

By listening to the discussion i completed one portion of the syllabus. Now i will at-least write something on that topic.Now it's 4PM and am so much sleepy that i am not able to sit in that room , so went to kanha's room and slipped in a parchi telling him time to wake me up i.e 5PM.

Kanha as soon as he woke up , he gathered all parchis in his room and one by one woke up all including me. I woke up and after reviewing the syllabus left i am now sure that i will not be able to cover even half of the syllabus. So now upto short cut method, I took a round again in the lobby and asked everyone important topics. After listing down few topics i came back to my room and started studying with as fast pace as i can.

Obviously with negative results . The final and only way left to me is to go to Kholu's room and join his morning classes. Few other kholu types classes also started side by side. I am now in kholu's room along with many others like  me and we all are silently listening to kholu's pravachan. This is usual morning scene in hostel where kholu will teach us and we will write whatever we gain from his classes . We all are already short of time , but u know as a habitual offender Akash raised a doubt. We all at once asked him to keep quite and resolve his doubt after exam as we dont have time for doubt ;) :P.

In between we took a short break for morning breakfast . While having breakfast Kanha telling mansingh that i have completed my syllabus and now i am not in tension any more .Mansingh as he always do asked some typical (may be out of syllabus) question which kanha is not able to answer . Mansingh "Abe ye nahi padha to padha kya " (Ohh is u have not studied this then u dont know anything ) . Kanha again in tension left breakfast and ran into his room to study again . Mansingh did same the topper i.e Shekhar .Even when mamu (Chandan) getting late he is still busy in combing his hairs. Sumit not in tension. Arpan as always cool.

Anyway we all are now back in kholu's room and studied for remaining time. Now time to go and see if we can pass the exam or not . Syllabus not at all even half completed but still high on confidence due to kholu's classes ;) .Will face the music for next 3 hours :)


  1. Awesome aazam. Thanks for writing. Hostel ki yaad dila di ;)

  2. Very well written..I was re-living the moments while reading all that...Those were the days...Keep writing...

  3. Haste haste pet mein dard ho gaya azam.

  4. Nostalgia at its best. Azam the next three hours were equally interesting. Girls taking extra sheets and we not even completing half of the principal sheet.

    1. And I always used to count number of blank pages at that moment....most of the time aadi se jyada pages blank hi hot I thin....

  5. Exactly shukla.....extra sheets that too before half time ....

  6. Mast likha hai azam. Kholu devta ka jai :-)

  7. Very good experience but am excited to know the result!!!!
    so when r u planning to post the remaining part

  8. The result may not be always as exciting as the journey traveled to achieve it :)

    1. Yes true for u but for others the result is of equal excitement

  9. By god...the whole day just rolled before my eyes again as if it was only yesterday..very detailed work ajam..loved it

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Thanks ..Bhai logon ki demand poori to karni padti hai :)

  12. Azam..awesome..
    a day before exam...Very beautifully expressed in words...

  13. Mast likha hai azam .. Very nostalgic !!!

  14. awesome piece azam, not just read this but kind of (re)lived it; pictures of those days started moving in mind;
    the details about Kholu " the messiah of many of us"; kanha " the bond" ; mana " the strategist" (would like to mention most of the time we (me and mana) devoted for the strategy than studying when we prepare together for any exam ;) ,shekhu "the topper", and all others are just awsome....

  15. Main bhi likhte samay kayi baar relive kiya ;) :)


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