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One fine evening after our drill class got over, our ADI sudarshan sir asked our squad to give name for bungee jumping . This event was optional event for us , so it was upto us to do or not to do. A lot many from my sqaud gave name and i am not the one who miss such opportunity. The excitement for bungee started growing from that day onwards.

Days passed on and my group went to mussoorie for ITBP attachment and other group went to rishikesh . The group which went for rishikesh got chance to do bungee first and the news came form my friends that bungee is very scary and lot many people missed it. But whoever did it said that one must do it as it is equally fun to do and is kind of extreme adventure.

On fourth day of trip we met the group who went to rishikesh. They have only one topic to talk , bungee....who did it,who did not ,how to do etc etc. Everyone had atleast one expert advice. My friend Sidharth Sihag told us that do it in first attempt only otherwise it will become very difficult once you come back from platform.Also we were suggested that if at all we are planning to do flying fox we should do it before bunjee because after bunjee jumping flying fox will seem to be like child's play.

So finally the day came. And while in bus crowd was divided in to two type of people , first type was hyperactive and second type was completly silent . Both types are sign of anxiety we all were having. After reaching there we were shown the demo videeos of bungee jumping , flying fox and giant swing . Believe me after seeing demo video my fear increased atleast 10 times.

We all got our weight imprinted on our right hand , behind the palm. I with about 10 other friends went for flying fox first . Experience of flying fox was good but after doing a lot of exercise on mountains of mussoorie flying fox did not created any thrill. When we came back we were told that now bungee jumping will take place after lunch .

Rest of our friends were doing bungee jumping and there was live broadcast of their jumps. While sitting and eating my lunch i saw people doing bunjee. All of my friends(Abhishek Singh,Ashish Bharti and Harkishore rai) whom i saw trying bunjee , done it . Though this gave me confidence , it also increased anxiety .After that we played playing cards for about 45 minutes .

Finally the time of bungee came. My buddy Ankur jain did it very confidently just before me . Now it was my turn , Instructor cross checked all the security arrangements. And asked me how am i feeling . I said i am ok . He asked me to walk to the platform .Since i am very afraid of height, i got very scared when i reached to platform and first thing which i said was that " I am very afraid " . Instructor said ok then come back. I came back and sat on the chair.

A lot of things were going through my mind. Since morning almost everyone have jumped , this created a lot of peer pressure. At that time instrutor said " Ok , it is scary , but it a challange for you  and its upto you to take challenge or not to take ". My frined Aditya pratap singh who was waiting for his turn said " yaar kud jaa neeche hi milenge ab ". I said ok lets go again.I thought i will do it irrespective of degree of fear am going through. I went and i did it within seconds of reaching platform.

And as soon as i jumped , it was like OMG why did i jumped . The feeling of free fall was very scary and it seemed that my heart have stopped beating .I got little relaxed only when effect of bungee rope started. I went compeletly down and then rope pulled my up almost fully , this resulted in another free fall . This process repeated for 3-4 times. Finally when it all stopped they lowered the rope and i landed down.

The feeling was very satisfying :)

Following is the video of my bungee jumping


  1. expressionless I am ... :| ... main to shayd pahli bar neeche tapakte time hi bhagvan ke pas pahuch jata ( dar ke mare ) :-P

  2. @nitin agarwal ...Bhai i was also very afraid .... :)

  3. Oh my GOd: Just watching it caused a gush of Adrenaline... One must do it at least once in a lifetime...

  4. Excellent... The same happened with me when I went for paragliding in Solang Valley... Just working on my fitness now and will go for bungee this year. That's my target..

  5. Its fun, u will surely enjoy :)


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