General Knowledge Quiz -1

What is Kepler -16B

A. A planet with two sun
B. A telescope
C. An artificial satellite launched by NASA
D. Farthest star discovered by NASA

Which on the following is wrong Regarding National Solar mission

A. An indicative target of 20% blending of bio-fuels, both for bio-diesel and bio-ethanol, by 2017 has been proposed
B. A National Biofuel Coordination Committee, headed by the Prime Minister, has been set up to provide policy guidance and coordination.
C. A Biofuel Steering Committee, chaired by Agriculture minister, has been be set up to oversee implementation of the Policy.
D.Minimum Purchase Price (MPP) for purchase of bio-ethanol and bio-diesel would be announced with periodic revision.

What is Eastern Bridge

A. A bridge to connect enclaves in Bangladesh
B. Joint Millitary exercise with myanmaar
C. A historical bridge in Myanmaar
D. Joint millitary exercise with Oman

Who will Head the planned new Independent Nuclear Safety Regulatory Authority
A. President
B. Home Minister
C. A professional with extensive experience in Atomic Energy
D. Minister of Science and Technology

Explanation : Biofuel Steering Committee is chaired by cabinet secretary

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