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The Minister for Tribal Affairs & Panchayati Raj Shri V. Kishore Chandra Deo today formally launched Education Loan Scheme titled “ADIVASI SHIKSHA RRINN YOJANA”(ASRY) of National Scheduled Tribes Finance and Development Corporation(NSTFDC).  Under the Scheme, NSTFDC would provide loan at concessional rate of interest to the eligible Scheduled Tribes for pursuing higher professional and technical education including PhD. in India. conducted by colleges/universities approved by UGC/Govt./AICTE/ICMR etc.

A Scheduled Tribe  having annual family income upto Double the Poverty Line would be eligible.  The present limit is Rs. 39,500/- p.a. for rural areas and Rs. 54,500/- p.a. for the urban areas. The eligible candidates should apply to the respective State Channelising Agencies of NSTFDC located in his/her domiciled State/UT in the prescribed format along with copies of the requisite documents. Following are the features of ASRY:

·                     Loan would cover expenses towards Admission/Examination/Library/ Laboratory/Tuition fee, Boarding and Lodging, Caution Money, Building fund/Refundable Deposit, Books, Stationery items, Computer, Equipments/Instruments, Study Tours, Project Work/Thesis, Insurance Premium  for student and any other expense towards completion of course.

·              Quantum of assistance:  90% of expenditure/deposits for entire duration of the course  subject to a maximum loan amount  of Rs. 5.00 lakh (Five lakh rupees) per eligible family.

·                     Rate of Interest: 6% p.a. chargeable from the beneficiary.

·                    Repayment:  After the moratorium period (Course Period plus one year or six months after getting job, whoever is earlier) within next 5 years subject to maximum period of  10 years.

·                     Financial Assistance for Income Generating Activities:  In order to encourage self employment, provision has been made in ASRY for extending concessional financial assistance after completion of studies for undertaking income generating activities.

·             Linkage with Interest Subsidy Scheme of Ministry of Human Resource Development(MoHRD) for educational loans:  A scheme of MoHRD provides for full interest subsidy during the moratorium period for economically weaker sections of Society for the approved courses of study. Action has been initiated by NSTFDC for formally linking ASRY with the scheme of  MoHRD.

·                     National Scheduled Tribes Finance and Development Corporation has been set up in April, 2001  as a Government of India Company under the Ministry of Tribal Affairs.  NSTFDC has been granted licence under Section 25 of the Companies Act, 1956 (a company not for profit).  NSTFDC provides financial assistance at concessional rates of interest to STs for undertaking income generating activities and for procurement and marketing of minor forest produce and other tribal products.  The  financial assistance of NSTFDC is provided through its State level ChannelisingAgencies (SCAs), certain Public Sector Banks, certain Regional Rural Banks, National Cooperative Development Corporation(NCDC), etc.

·                     Other schemes of NSTFDC:

(A)  Income Generating Schemes-
(i)        Term loan scheme:  90% loan for units costing upto Rs. 10.00 lakhs.  Remaining 10% is contributed as Subsidy / Margin Money and / or Promoter’s Contribution.  Interest chargeable from the beneficiaries on loan upto Rs. 5.00 lakhs is @6% p.a. and above Rs. 5.00 lakhs @8% p.a.
(ii)            Adivasi Mahila Sashaktikaran Yojana:  An exclusive concessional scheme for women.  90% loan for units costing upto Rs. 0.50 lakhs.  Remaining 10% is contributed as Subsidy / Margin Money and / or Promoter’s Contribution.  Interest @ 4% p.a. is chargeable from the beneficiaries.
(iii)             Micro Credit Scheme:  Maximum loan per SHG is Rs. 5.00 lakhs subject to loan per member not exceeding Rs. 35,000/-.  Interest @ 6% p.a. is chargeable from SHGs.  Repeat loans permissible.
(iv)           Self Help Groups(SHGs):  90% loan for units costing upto Rs. 25.00 lakhs subject to investment not exceeding Rs. 50,000/- per member.   Minimum contribution of 10% by SHGs.  Rate of interest is 8% p.a. chargeable from the SHGs.
(v)               Scheme for Artisans trained by TRIFED:  90% loan for units costing upto Rs. 50,000/- for individuals and upto Rs. 5.00 lakhs for SHGs.  Interest chargeable @ 4% p.a. for ST women and 6% p.a. for ST men.  TRIFED assists in recovery of loan from the loanees to the extent of purchases made by TRIFED from such loanees.

(B)              Marketing Support Assistance:  For procurement  and marketing of minor forest produce/ agricultural produce collected/grown and for related products / services by the Central/State Government owned agencies.  Interest is charged @ 7%p.a. for undertaking such activities.



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किसको नमन करूँ मैं भारत? - Kisko Naman Karu Mein Bharat?

A poem dedicated to the nation written by Ramdhari Singh "dinkar"... तुझको या तेरे नदीश, गिरि, वन को नमन करूँ, मैं ? मेरे प्यारे देश ! देह या मन को नमन करूँ मैं ? किसको नमन करूँ मैं भारत ? किसको नमन करूँ मैं ? भू के मानचित्र पर अंकित त्रिभुज, यही क्या तू है ? नर के नभश्चरण की दृढ़ कल्पना नहीं क्या तू है ? भेदों का ज्ञाता, निगूढ़ताओं का चिर ज्ञानी है मेरे प्यारे देश ! नहीं तू पत्थर है, पानी है जड़ताओं में छिपे किसी चेतन को नमन करूँ मैं ? भारत नहीं स्थान का वाचक, गुण विशेष नर का है एक देश का नहीं, शील यह भूमंडल भर का है जहाँ कहीं एकता अखंडित, जहाँ प्रेम का स्वर है देश-देश में वहाँ खड़ा भारत जीवित भास्कर है निखिल विश्व को जन्मभूमि-वंदन को नमन करूँ मैं ! खंडित है यह मही शैल से, सरिता से सागर से पर, जब भी दो हाथ निकल मिलते आ द्वीपांतर से तब खाई को पाट शून्य में महामोद मचता है दो द्वीपों के बीच सेतु यह भारत ही रचता है मंगलमय यह महासेतु-बंधन को नमन करूँ मैं ! दो हृदय के तार जहाँ भी जो जन जोड़ रहे हैं मित्र-भाव की ओर विश्व की