Village Resource Centres (VRCs)

Village Resource Centres (VRCs) programme, launched by ISRO in association with reputed NGOs/ Trusts and state/ central agencies, provides the space technology enabled services directly to the rural population.

VRCs essentially have: digital connectivity (for videoconferencing and information transfer) with knowledge centers and specialty healthcare providers enabled via INSAT; spatial information on natural resources generated using Indian Remote Sensing satellites (IRS) data; a host of information pertaining to management of natural resources and socio-economic relevance; and facilities for primary healthcare services and distance education.With the involvement of stakeholders, VRCs is supposed to catalyse rural entrepreneurship; and facilitate e-Governance and other services of social relevance

The VRCs are connected to Knowledge/Expert Centres like Agricultural Universities, Skill Development Institutes and Hospitals. Over 6500 programmes have been conducted by the VRCs in the areas of, Agriculture/horticulture, Fisheries, Live stock, Water resources, Tele health care, Awareness programmes, Women empowerment, Supplementary education, Computer literacy, Micro credit, Micro finance, Skill development / vocational training for livelihood support etc. So far, over five Lakh people have availed VRC services.


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