Introduction of a new Central Sector Plan Scheme of non-lapsable Central Pool of resources

The Union Cabinet approved the proposal of Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region for introduction of a new Central Sector Plan Scheme titled “Non-Lapsable Central Pool of Resources – Central – (NLCPOR –Central)”.

The purpose of this proposal is to make funds available for projects which are critical to the development of the north eastern region and are in accordance with national priorities. The scheme as it is envisaged, will address this issue and projects having the potential for extensive social and economic impact on the region will be taken up under the scheme.

The Central Pool of Resources for development of North Eastern Region was created in 1998 which makes it mandatory for Central Ministries / Departments, excepting some specifically exempted ones, to earmark 10% of their budgetary resources less allocation for EAPs and local or event specific schemes / projects for programmes in the NE States. The unspent portion of the earmarked outlays accrued, at the end of the financial year, to the Pool from which the expenditure of Ministry of DoNER under the plan scheme of Non-Lapsable Pool of Resources (NLCPR) is being debited annually. Currently, the balances stand at Rs.9217.32 crore. 

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