Civil Aviation Safety Advisory Body

In order to further strengthen aviation safety environment through synergisation of available expertise, a Civil Aviation Safety Advisory Council (CASAC) under the Chairmanship of Secretary, Ministry of Civil Aviation has been formed. The members of the council inter alia include heads of scheduled airlines, experts in flight operations, airworthiness, air navigation, aerodromes & heliports, aircraft engineering, representative of Indian Air Force.

The terms of reference of the council are 

(i) to advise DGCA in dentified key areas; 
(ii) to review the existing regulatory framework and give recommendations to further strengthen aviation safety; (iii) to develop, examine and recommend incorporation of best regulatory practices; 
(iv)to recommend short, medium and long term measures for safety enhancement; 
(v) to reflect public views on aviation safety matters. 

The CASAC meets periodically and the recommendations made during such meetings and their implementation is an ongoing process. 

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