How to approach questions in GS paper

The syllabus of general studies is so vast that even a well prepared student will find it difficult in examination hall to get any question in the format he has read about the topic . This makes the paper a little tricky and needs somewhat intelligent strategy of approaching question .

One should first go through whole paper and find out the questions which he thinks he knows very well and start answering those . I will recommend to answer large questions first as in large questions one can express his knowledge in better way . Other thing is that if one answers short questions first , he may end up giving more than needed time to short question resulting in time crunch at the end of paper .

Now how to actually write the answer :

Long Answer type question ( 10 marks and above)
First thing first , read the question carefully and understand what its actually asking and don't take this point  lightly , many people do mistake here only . Also try to explore all dimensions of the question .Then recall what all you know about the topic , and filter out what is needed . 

For factual question no need of introduction or conclusion. 
For analytical type: for 10 and 15 marker there is no need to write introduction , for 20 marker and above one can give very short introduction (not compulsory ) . Conclusion is must.

If you know nothing about the question try to relate it with what u have read and apply common sense . For example if problems in  nigeria is asked one can thinks of normal problems of Africa like hunger malnutrition etc . Further its oil rich still poor means concentration of wealth etc etc

Short answer type (2 & 5 marker )
Here two cases are possible . First one may know the topics very well and other is that one may know very little about the topic . In first case write the most important things in point format and try to stay in word limit . And in second case write what so ever u know even if u think that it seems irrelevant .

Best of luck , and do comment for any further query .


  1. please suggest us something regarding time management, like if we have less time to attempt all questions then which kind of questions(in terms of marks), one should attempt.

  2. in case u r in crunch of time answer short questions first(only if u know about them) in minimum possible words ....then try to answer all other questions in consice manner even if u r forced to answer 20 marker questions in 80-90 words go for it so that u can write some point for all question u know . But do remember in case of shortage of time , dont attempt those questiosn about which u r not sure abt

  3. i think u should come up with a good post on 28th to give the right push and cool off some nerves.what do u say?

  4. @ammu i will for sure ...most probably on deepawali day ....