Few Last minute tips for Civil Services Prelims Exam

The way of preparing for the exam may be different for different people and depending on your style of preparation you can take or leave my suggestions . I am sharing things which are very important in my point of view . So, here are few tips from my side

Paper 1 :
This paper will test your level of general knowledge . Though the syllabus is very vast , there are things which takes less time and pays more when revised at last moments  , some of them are 

1)All lines of world map viz Tropic of cancer , Tropic of Capricorn , Equator , Zero meridian and International Date line .
2) Head Quarters of  Railway Zones .
3) All constitutional amendments after year 2000 .
4) Fundamental rights . 
5) See all the physical features of India given in main India map of your atlas.
6) Summits held in year 2010 and 2011.
7) Newly elected  Presidents and Prime ministers .
8) All environment related conventions and protocols.

You can add or delete some from the list , but what i feel that these are the things which one should revise on previous evening of the exam .

For Paper 1 , I think time limit  should not be a problem , but still keep an eye on your watch  and in the case of time shortage you can leave question which takes longer reading time . One more thing try to use your common sense and relate things if you find the paper extraordinarily hard .

Paper 2 : 

This year it will be first time for CSAT , so no one can predict what will be asked , just keep your confidence . For this paper the strategy you follow during examination time is more important. I would like to give you few tips for that

1) As soon as you get the paper , check out how many questions are there and accordingly allot time for every question . For example if there are 100 questions allot 1 minute to each one and rest 20 min as wastage time .

2) Remember for this paper its more important to know which questions you should not attempt at all , Like in case of 100 questions are there , if you feel that a particular question will surely take more than 2 or 3 minutes then its better to leave the question  and attempt in the last if u have spare time then .

3) Rather than using direct formula method try to use elimination method , whereby u can eliminate other options by common sense  . this method generally takes less time . But use this method only when you have enough confidence that you are good at eliminating . But do read the options given before solving the question sometimes one can straight way get to right option .

4) There are some questions which are very easy , so try to read all questions so that u may not miss easy ones

And be careful of negative marks in both paper 1 and pare 2  , it can make huge difference .

Lastly i would like to say that you know you strength and weakness better than anyone , so accordingly you can prepare your own strategy taking few guides from this article . Best of luck , hope you will come out with flying colors :)