The Day when i got selected

 It has been around 10 days since i was waiting for final results of Civil Services Exams -2010 .The level of anxiety was rising day by day and it reached just near the breaking point. Continuous hard work of 4 years with no outcome at all forced the flow of negative thought into strong castles of my mind .The person who boast about never getting tense was changing and it was bothering me since i hate being tense .

On 11th may it was almost sure that result will be declared at around 3pm . And due to tension of result i was not able to concentrate on my studies. In such times i generally  fall back to AOE and i played non stop since morning . And the time passed slowly and around 3pm we got to know that result has been declared. my heart beat rose to maximum possible bearable level . I opened PIB website for results  but the pdf file was not opening , i kept trying again and again but with no success . Meanwhile mom called , She had no idea about result and i don't want to give her tension so i asked various nonsense things just to avoid the result related enquiry from her .

15 min passed and still i was not able to open the file. At about 3:15 one of my friend sankalp came and said

Sankalp : Result aa gaya hai
Me : I know yaar per saali website khul hi nhi rahi hai
Sankalp : try karte raho
Me : hmmm

After trying few more minutes

Sankalp : aapka full name gaurav yadav hi hai
Me : haan
Sankalp : aur roll number kuch 024 karke
Me : haan ( i was getting some idea ki sayed selection hua hai )
Sankalp : Mere lappy pe file khuli hai aur aapka name hai list me
Me : Kya baat kar rahe ho , chalo tumhare room pe chal ke dekhte hian

Then we went running to his room and saw the result, my name was indeed there .That moment was like ....i can't explain in words. Immediately i called my dad and informed him then my sis an then all other person .I was very much relieved and my self belief became stronger . Here i want to say one thing , this time i choose an  old white shirt of my dad rather than any new shirt of mine for interview and i think that shirt proved lucky for me :).

And now it was party time and pouring of phone calls . I attended about 50-60 calls within span of 3hrs.The thing i learned from this episode of my life is that fortune favours the brave and persistent hard work does pay in one or the other way .


  1. Ur GRT success after persistent struggle was indeed motivating....
    A hearty congrats on ur success...

  2. really amazing and brave effort...that yes attitude really paid..

  3. Congrats man..keep posting

  4. Bro, whats ur rank?

  5. Thnx deboprio....
    @anonymous hope u have asked the question with ur real identity...anyway i got rank 328

  6. Sir,

    Are you trying again for IAS or want to stay as IPS?

  7. congrats sir and best wishes to reading the story my belief become more stronger that ur hard work defintly pays....and ur shirt incident remind me the similar thing happend wit me during my college placements.....thank you for sharing ur story it really makes us believing in ourself strongly

  8. @himanshu u r welcome and best wishes to u :)

  9. Great congratulation ......

  10. Priest....u proved again :)