A Love story which never started and will never finish

On the  first day of my  college, while waiting for room allotment in hostel office room  i found out a list containing few names was lying on the table of warden . Just out of curiosity i paid little more attention to the list and found out that it contains name of my 'to be' batch-mates in college . Then i thought ok, let me check how  many girls will be there in my batch . Though i was told my friend that not too many girls clear IIT-JEE exam , the fact that there will be only 6 girls in batch of 60  disappointed me . The only positive  thing was that the density of girls was better near my roll number.

Now on the second day we all were supposed to go to a prescribed hall in order to fill all relevant forms . Since it was just second day of college we all were very much afraid of ragging and seniors and as prescribed by seniors we were in full dress code wearing full sleeves shirt with even out collar buttoned up . In this atmosphere of fear i was excited to see 6 girls of our batch . And when the moment came i was very pleased to see them the reason being ,  opposite to what i had heard about girls of my college, all of them were good looking .

Till date i am not sure about it but i think that simplicity of one girls attracted me and i felt genuine attraction towards a girl  for the first time in my life . With time the attraction level was increasing but due to my inherent shy nature i rarely talk to the girl. And then there comes freshers party given by our seniors in one of the best hotels of city . She was  very elegantly dressed and was looking like an angel . During those days mobile phone with camera was rare thing and digital camera were very costly so these two were out of question for me . Even basic camera was luxury for me but luckily at that time i had one and i used it in most efficient way capturing her every move and emotions in such manner that no one was able to guess that my 90% of clicks are dedicated to one girl . And even the girl was unaware of the fact.

The pics came and my few close friend saw it . They all started asking "do u like the girl " etc etc . I made an excuse that its just co-incidence that she is in most of the pics . Then i removed some of her pics and put it separately and showed rest of pics to batch-mates to avoid any further question.I was of the view that these feelings are not meant to be shared with everyone . probably i was wrong .

To be continued......

Disclaimer : Story is purely based on imagination 


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  2. What a great love story. I wonder if the gal is aware of your feeling or it is still unknown to her.

  3. story is so good that it is attracting me to read its 2nd part..........
    pls be fast.

  4. I think you were wrong is assuming that your batchmates were stupid to miss the fact that 90% probabity is too high to call it a coincidence :)
    I hope others agree to this too..

  5. 'imagination'!!... yeah m sure it is... :p