Love story of my one of the best friend(Ramnivas) in his own words

Since my childhood, it was my greatest wish to study in a college where I can watch gals sitting all around in the class. The dream comes true when I cleared IIT JEE and came to IT-BHU. I was sad as I made some mistake in selecting the right trade based on my RANK and I thought I will always regret  this. When the classes started I found that I had Roll No-1 followed by two gals at position 2nd and 3rd. Later I come to realize the value of this sequence when class was divided in practical groups.  I had two gals in my group, which was such an outstanding achievement in my class to envy for. First time I was happy for having Roll no-1 of my class and I always wonder if this is the way GOD comfort us for our regrets.

Though I came from an  extremely small town with my village roots without any experience of  getting into girls head, yet I had strong determination and will power (whatever you say) to influence gals. Later I found that determination was not enough for achieving such kind of enormous success but the real action was required which I lacked due to my shyness. The only option left for me was to keep my feelings in my heart which I did religiously throughout my four years. The only consoling thing for me was that I was not alone due to poor gals to guys ratio of my class.

I always found particle classes in 2nd half more attractive than theory classes, and I don’t think there is anything  to explain -why?. With the time, I started developing a feeling for a girl which I found always smiling. In the class, I always try to get a  glimpse of her smile but thanks to my lovely courage, I never opened up to her. I remembered in Kashiyatra festival, everybody was congratulating and was shaking hands with her for her illustrious dance performance. When she came to me, I was speechless. She was there in front of me to hear a word of appreciation  from my side, but my mind goes blank seeing her in front of me waiting for my words. After no words from me, she offered hand shake and I was frozen. I was staring at her hand but could not gather enough courage for a handshake. My heart was pounding so strong that it felt like somehow her hand reached inside my chest, and pressing it with her greatest strength. After getting no response from me, she moved away. I was embarrassed at the same time terribly sorry for her. I thought to reach her and asked for forgiveness but I knew the same thing will again happen if I confront her. I still wanted to say sorry for that event but I know she had forgotten it now.

There are many other encounters with her, some good and some heart breaking. Life has changed, I am changed but still when I thought those college life memories and feelings, it makes me thrilled.

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  1. you talking about your imaginary friend OR your-self GAURAV ???
    Introduce yourself to your pen GAURAV .
    Tapping into ur creativity will give u the tools to express urself.
    Whether it’s through your personal style, your words or your artistic pursuits :)