Concluding part -A Love story which never started and will never finish

During the year break i made different strategies on how i will interact with the girl and make my conversation longer than usual . There were basically two reason for which i was eagerly waiting for my 2nd year of college to start soon , first was obviously that i want to see the girl again and second was the excitement that now i will be senior and will take ragging of my juniors .

After a long gap of about two and a half month i saw the girls again and  just one sight of her made me very happy . And when i interacted with her for the first time of my second year , i realized that all my plans and strategies are of no use and one needs to be spontaneous in conversation . And this is what i lacked all my life, spontaneousness . Any way i was little more open than first year , but still shy enough to strike conversation without having any reason . Nevertheless now i was able to interact with her more frequently on one pretext or other and i realized that the girl was actually very sweet person and with every passing second my liking towards the girl kept on increasing .

The whole 2nd year and half of 3rd year spent in making friendship with the girl .I was not sure if the feeling is one sided or she also feels something for me . After 5th semester during our industrial tour to Mumbai , i sensed some reciprocation form the girl and felt that may be even she likes me. But then as usual i was not sure enough to take any concrete step .Anyway industrial tour got over and we were back to college and my feeling oscillated between being confused and being sure about her liking towards me .

There comes the festival of holi and as usual just before the day we were supposed to leave for our respective homes , it was decided to play holi in hostel , But due to some reason i reached late in hostel and saw that since all colors are used up, people have started playing holi with mud . Since i never liked playing with mud , i decided not to enter hostel premises and to spend spare time i went to library . I was regretting the fact that i missed hostel holi , but it seems that i was destined to meet the girl just before the festival day and spend some quality time with her . While coming back from library i met the girl and we talked for some time . That particular day for the first time the distance from library to my hostel seemed to be very short and only i knows how i wished to stop the time then and there. 

Anyway till the end of 3rd year i was not able to take any concrete steps . And in the starting of fourth year i heard from my friends that she is in relationship with one of my friend . Though i never believed the news , but now one thing i was sure about that i will not be able to tell her about my feelings due to my shy nature and hence decided to just bury my feelings . And to forget her i started playing AOE(Age of Empires) day in and day out and to an extent i was successful .

But then as u know , these feeling are not easy to suppress  ,they simply reignite even with slightest of provocation. It was last day of kashi-yatra(our cultural festival) and on the dance floor along with all other friends she was also there . I knew i may not get other chance to dance with her and that night i danced my heart out as if there will be no tomorrow . 

Soon college got over and after sometime i got the news that she is getting married . Though she is in my Orkut and Facebook friend list, practically speaking  i am no more in contact with her . But her sweet memories are still very much alive in my mind and whenever i think of her a smile comes on my face. I hope she must be living a happy life . God bless her.

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  1. hmmm...der aaye durust aaye :)

    BTW, I couldnt help recall an incident in mumbai during industrial a bus..a mumbaikar girl sitting next to priest and....

  2. @Priest Lovely story. Keep up the nice work and thanks also for nice poems